Remote monitoring and treatment of NAFLD

Obesity is a major cause of chronic liver disease and, along with alcohol use, accounts for the majority of cases with non-viral aetiologies. In the pre-fibrosis stage of the disease, many people are even unaware they have it and primary objective is simply weight loss. There are currently dozens of apps and programs that aim to address obesity and lifestyle issues that could be of benefit in early stages of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). However, our focus is on later stages of the disease where co-morbidities are common and other complications set in.


At this point, simply controlling fat is not sufficient. There is a need to consider a whole host of risk factors, including loss of muscle mass, endurance and metabolic factors, when assessing the state of a patient and determine the right course of action to treat him or her.

SteatoCare™ is our offering to enable personalised monitoring and management of patients with advanced NAFLD and is currently in the R&D stage. We expect to have the protocol design completed and the product to be ready for clinical trials in the next few months